Kernel Internals

Kernel Internals

Post by Balakum » Wed, 18 Sep 2002 13:36:02

Can anybody tell me,

i found that all the system calls entries is in Entry.S file name.
But some of the system calls like semget,semopt,semctrl is not in
Entry.S file.
i found that the definition of the system call like semget,semopt are
suppose if i want to access the read or open system call, i just give
the opcode number of system call in eax and int80h and so on. But how
can i call for system calls like semget and semopt . i don't want to
use any libraries like (glibc).
next question what actually contains file.
To access those system calls should i use
Please tell me.

Is there any difference between system call and API.


Kernel Internals

Post by mjt » Wed, 18 Sep 2002 20:24:15

Quote:> To access those system calls should i use
> Please tell me.

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1. mbvar structures and kernel internals of BSD Unix

Newsgroups: comp.unix.internals,comp.sys.sun.hardware,comp.unix.bsd,
Subject: mbvar structures in BSD kernels
Distribution: world
Organization: Computer Science Engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington

Hi Netters,
        I wanted to know what is the exact purpose of  mbvar structures . Does
the driver routines as found in the bdevsw & cdevsw structures call these ?
The Sun device driver manuals seem to say that mbvar has some elaborate data
structures for each of the cards with
        probe routines (used by autoconfiguration)
        go,stop routines for DMA
        the addresses at which the cards internal chip registers
        ( control & status etc) can be accessed.

        Does this mean that there are general stop & go kernel routines for DMA which
any drivers can call while setting up DVMA giving the device specific addresses
& memory sizes?

        It also says that if DVMA space is not adequate then the controller's mbdevice
structures are put in await queue. I am not able to visualise how this can happen
and what are the trace of the sequence of events that start from the device
switch table that go upto the harware details of the bus structures & routines.
Is there a bus driver which is being called ? If any of you ( especially those
at Sun ) know about these please let me know.

Thanks in advance

Vinay Rao

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