Can someone point me to a Linux info summary?

Can someone point me to a Linux info summary?

Post by Kayvan Sylv » Thu, 16 Apr 1992 16:51:39

Could someone please point me to an FAQ or some kind of summary on
what Linux is and what it runs on?

I've been hearing very good things about it and am looking at running
Linux or BSD386 in the near future.

My current configuration is a 386/33Mhz with a 387, ESDI, 670+MB disk,
8Meg of memory, ET4000 + color monitor. I'm interested in getting the
gcc2.1 compilers (gcc, g++, ObjectiveC) up and running as well as the
X11R5 release on my 386. Is Linux the way to go?

Is it stable enough to be used for heavy duty development work? What
about mail/news with high-speed modems and serial ports? Does anyone
have FAS working on Linux?

Please Email responses and I'll summarize if there's enough interest.


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