installing SLS/a2/mount unknown error 26240?? HELP!

installing SLS/a2/mount unknown error 26240?? HELP!

Post by Martin Ko » Thu, 15 Apr 1993 20:13:54

When I tried to install linux, I did the following:

(my system is a 486/33mhz/212 seagate hd/VESA local bus VGA/8MB ram)

o       downloaded series a,b,t,x
o       'rawrote' a1 and a2
o       inserted a1 into my 3 1/2 drive, and turned on the computer
        some text appeared (Loading .....) and a prompt to press <space>
        or <return>. I pressed <space>
o       I'm directed to insert the utilities disk (a2, I suppose) into the
        drive I wish to use
o       the drive is "2" on the list, drive a: 3 1/2", so I select it
o       I press return, and get the following error:

MINIX_fs magic match failed

mount: unknown error 26240

o       some text appears, directing me to "more <some dir that I can't
        remember> README"  but more doesn't seem to exist. I do get a prompt,
        though, with a working "help" command, and the commands described
        by help.

What do I do from here???

I hope this isn't covered by the FAQ, because I can't find this probelm
there ;)

Thanks (in advance) for your help.



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I grabbed SLS a1-a4 from tsx-11 last night, and installed it this
morning.  When I try to use "mount" it says "unknown error 26240",
which makes me unable to mount anything (like, for example, a
floppy, or /proc ...)  (Of course, the root fs mounts fine.)

The problem persists whether I use "mount -a" for things in my fstab
or whether I type the special and node on the command line

How do I get around this?

Ben Cox

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