Gateway Solo 9100 Video problem with Redhat 7.1

Gateway Solo 9100 Video problem with Redhat 7.1

Post by Rob Vallie » Wed, 18 Jul 2001 15:34:41


I have a Gateway Solo 9100 using a Trident *9397 video chip and
recently installed RedHat 7.1. I have been very impressed with the
RedHat install and Linux in general.

During my custom graphical installation, my video chip was detected


I am using XFree86 Version 4.0.3. I have spent too many days hunting
for a solution. It appears that the SVGA server is not being used,
rather VGAHW and FBDEVHW. I can find no reference to XF86_SVGA server
in the XFree log files. I have since installed it using RPM but its
only an executable in the X/bin directory.

How can I obtain the 'installation' configuration that worked during

XF86_SVGA server?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Rob Valliere


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