Running an application on the server

Running an application on the server

Post by Cyri » Wed, 01 May 2002 18:16:26

Hi everybody

In the company I working, we use Ghost ( to reimage machines ).
But everytime, we have to download the Ghost image on the machine
(stored it in a partition) and reboot the machines and install the

What I would like to set up is a server ( with Linux of course :-))
that will reimage directly your machine:
1. The user will have a boot floppy disk with network support and will
log on to the server
2.Then after logging, the server will launch automatically Ghost (
that is located on the server) and the user will select the required
image and Ghost will install it.

I know that it is possible as Novell uses the same with pqdi

Can anyone help me out?

I hope I was clear enough




1. Can I run Windows applications from a Linux server?

yes, you can do that.  when the windows machine runs a program, it just
asks for the contents of the file.  the linux box doesn't have to do
anything with the file beyond sending it to the windows machine.  you can
set up a windows style shared drive easily on linux with the samba

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