make rpm target

make rpm target

Post by Josh » Thu, 28 Nov 2002 14:33:30

        Using the "make rpm" target under 2.4.18, the binary RPM ends up
with a kernel that lacks the auto version number. The rpm is named appropri
ately, but the kernel version simply doesn't match the resultant package name.
        For example, a "make rpm" generated package might wind up with th
e name kernel-2.4.18test-3.i386.rpm. After installing this rpm, an rpm -q
 shows "kernel-2.4.18test-3". However, once booted into the new kernel, un
ame -r returns only 2.4.18test (no trailing -3).
        In attempting to use this kernel RPM in an unattended installation th
e most obvious quirk is that the kernel line generated for grub.conf is appa
rently parsed from the RPM package info and no matching kernel exists in /boot.
        Possibly just a 2.4.18 bug but I thought I'd see if anyone else had n
oticed this behavior.



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