Anyone run/build lucid emacs (lemacs) with 99pl4?

Anyone run/build lucid emacs (lemacs) with 99pl4?

Post by Bruce Chapm » Fri, 09 Apr 1993 11:07:35

I've installed lemacs with the new 5 floppy sysinstall version and am still
getting a core dump when I run it.

I was curious if anyone has managed to run lemacs on linux with 99pl4.

I have upgraded libc shared objects to but, other than that,
my box has pretty much the 99pl4 version of linux I got from the TAMU

How about experience with epoch on 99pl4? (I get the impression it is a little
smaller, but not quite as feature-rich as lucid - comments on this)

Thanks for any info!

:-> Bruce <-: