Motif++ available for linux/Metrolink Motif

Motif++ available for linux/Metrolink Motif

Post by Ronald van Lo » Fri, 06 Aug 1993 22:38:59

I posted the following announcement to the various X groups, but thought it
would be of interest to at least some Linux users, as the bulk of the work of
updating the original work to R5/Motif 1.2 was done on a Linux machine! It
compiles without problems under Linux, .99pl9+; a script is included to build
a shared library version. If there is interest, I can upload binaries to one
of the two canonical linux sites. Here is the original announcement:


The first patch release of Motif++ is out; this version fixes some minor
bugs that were introduced in the new Motif++ release. The new version includes
a new installation document, called CONFIGURE.TOUR, which guides a user
through the intricacies of the Configure program.

New features (wrt the earlier release):

- easier installation.
- 'make clean' only removes objectfiles, not the newly created library.
- demos are only built when specifically requested.
- compatibility problems with X11R4 are fixed.

Motif++ is available on:

Official distribution sites where the latest version of Motif++ can be


USA: /pub/X11, file motif++.28.jul.93.tar.Z

(courtesy of Rick Murphy; note that this version will be available AFTER
Aug 10, 1993!!!)

Canada: ( /pub/motif++, file motif++.28.jul.93.tar.Z.

National Research Council of Canada. Note that anonymous ftp is only allowed
to those outside the NRS for the motif++ sources.)

Japan: /pub/X11/misc/MOTIF, Motif++.tar.Z
or:                 /pub/X11/misc/MOTIF, motif++.28.jul.93.tar.Z

The official announcement follows below.


Hello Motif World,

I am proud to present the new improved version of Motif++.

New features include:

- Improved configuration options
- Improved imake support
- Support for X11R4 and X11R5
- Support for Motif 1.1 and Motif 1.2
- Support for various additional widget-sets like xpm and Xbae
- Support for various other widgets, like the WCL XMP Table-widget
- C++ library which eases dealing with various Visual types
- Portable Volume library, generalisation of PBMPLUS to 3D
- new contribution programs

Note to all of those who keep copies of the archive: please retrieve this
distribution (during off-peak hours), and delete all previous copies.



The University of Lowell, supported by a grant of the Open Software Foundation,
has developed a wrapper-library, that encapsulates Motif widgets in C++
classes. All resources of these Widgets can now be set through
member-functions, while objects can be used in callback-functions. The library
was made available for free or nominal cost for anonymous ftp at
However, the library contained a large number of bugs and oversights, and only
worked under X11R3. Due to lack of subsequent fundings, the bindings are no
longer actively supported by the University of Lowell.

I, Ronald van Loon, at a certain point in 1991, have taken the Lowell
bindings, fixing the bugs I came across, adding missing memberfunctions, and
enhancing functionality and made the bug-fixed library available for the
general public for anonymous ftp (made possible by Rick Murphy at DEC).


I am now pleased to announce a new and updated release of the Motif++

This release offers:

- Easy configuration (even for non-imake-gurus)
- Full support for X11R4 as well as X11R5
- Full support for Motif 1.1 and Motif 1.2 (including Drag and Drop)
- Support for Xbae widgetset
- Support for the xpm library
- Percentage widgets
- Generic Widget
- Support for WCL Table Widget
- A library for easy manipulation of Visuals
- A library that reads PBMPLUS files, as well as providing an extension to 3D
  of the format.
- Lots of demos and testfiles (even somewhat useful programs)
- An article I wrote on the usage of Motif, X and C++, previously posted
  on Usenet.
- all filenames smaller than 14 characters


  - Packages:

    + X11R4 or any later version
    + Motif 1.1 or any later version

  - Programs:

    + a C++ compiler, compatible with cfront 2.0 or later

      Motif++ compiles with any C++ compiler that conforms to cfront 2.0 or
      later. It does not have any template-classes. G++ 2.3 or later are known
      to work.

    + imake

      All Motif++ configuration is done by the imake program, which is part of
      the X11R4 and X11R5 distributions; it will NOT work without, so if you
      do not have imake on your system get it from your system vendor, or
      alternatively, get Rainer Klute's 'imake_pure.tar.Z'. Check your local
      archie server for details, or contact Rainer at

    + a bourne shell that supports shellfunctions.

    + sed

  - Patience

    Building Motif++, like building any package of some size, takes time.


Official distribution sites where the latest version of Motif++ can be


--- /pub/X11

------ ( /pub/motif++

----- /pub/X11/misc/MOTIF, Motif++.tar.Z


Those who don't have ftp can send me e-mail, and I will send the bindings by


Those who use the bindings and find bugs, or see room for improvement, please
contact me, and I will try to incorporate them in a future release (in case of
bugs, a bug-fix of course ;-).


If you are desperate, then you can call me at
+31 30 506711 (that is Utrecht, the Netherlands; those within the Netherlands
call 030-506711).



The Motif++ mailing list is a mailing list dedicated to Motif++, the PD C++
wrapper library for Motif, where people can ask questions about Motif++,
swap stories, and give new ideas about new directions and improvements for the

All requests of an administrative nature, like subscription, removal, etc.

please make sure when using 'vacation' type programs that will reply to
messages automatically, that the address for the mailing-list is excluded from

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