libxview on jump4.1 anyone??

libxview on jump4.1 anyone??

Post by Mike McCart » Mon, 26 Oct 1992 02:04:30

Hi all,

Yet another desperate plea for help.....
I got the xview3 sources off of, naively expecting
them to compile ok on my machine (0.98pl1 from SLS, Xfree86).  After
several days of sweat, I have managed to get libolgx compiled ok
(although I don't think it is a shared lib), and to test it I compiled
olwm.  It works no problem.  The problem is with libxview.

Firstly, almost every directory in the <XVIEW>/lib/libxview tree
had some files that needed tweaking, mostly adding #define NULL and
the like.  Now I have all the subdirectories compiled except
<libxview>/menu, <libxview>/notify, <libxview>/textsw, <libxview>/ttysw.

There were several problems with the source in libxview, but these
subdirs I cannot fix.   They are mostly problems with dereferencing
pointers to incomplete types, and problems with system specific
headers (i.e. FILE type does not have _flag as part of it's structure).

PLEASE....Does anybody have this xview toolkit working on jump4.1 and
Xfree86?  If so please send me either -- libxview.a and libolgx.a
(I already have the source, so no headers are necessary), or the
diffs for the source from export (or anywhere else).  I have space to
compile, but have exausted my skill in porting this sucker!

Any help greatly appreciated.....
Thanks in advance.


Michael McCarthy
McMaster University, Hamilton Ontario, Canada

    "If ignorance is bliss, I must be the happiest person alive!"


1. MuPAD and xview libraries: <-->

Hello there,

I am trying to get MuPAD to work.
This is what MuPAD wants:

bash#ldd -v /usr/local/MuPAD/i386/bin/Xxmupad
     ldd: version 1.7.3 (DLL Jump 3.0) => not found (DLL Jump 3.0) => not found (DLL Jump 6.0) => /usr/i486-linuxaout/lib/ (DLL Jump 4.6pl27) => /lib/

This is what I have :
bash# cd /usr/openwin/lib
bash# ls
Xinitrc                  libxview.a               openwin-menu-screensave
app-defaults               openwin-menu-t
config                 openwin-menu-u
help                     locale                   openwin-menu-xlock
libolgx.a                oldmenus                 openwin-ss-ex             openwin-menu             openwin-uit         openwin-menu-clocks      text_extras_menu
libsspkg.a               openwin-menu-d           textswrc              openwin-menu-e           ttyswrc            openwin-menu-g        openwin-menu-s

This is waht ldconfig sees:

bash# ldconfig -v
ldconfig: version 1.7.3

        ..... omitting stuff

/usr/openwin/lib: => => =>

        .........omitting stuff

What's going on? I have tried to rename to but
ldconfig didn't let itself get fooled and ignored this.
Any advice?

thanks, Bernd

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