Compatibility question

Compatibility question

Post by Christopher Colli » Fri, 16 Apr 1993 18:30:45

Hi I have some questions over compatibility of some devices, please dont
flame me if they have been asked before. I would prefer if any answers were
mailed to me at the email address below.

Question, will the following hardware work with Linux, and if so what drivers
do I need and where do I get them from:

1) Mitsumi CDROM with 16 bit interface (pretty sure its not SCSI)

2) ESCOM Archiv/Maynard compatible tape streamer (I think it connects to
   the floppy interface.  

3) 3Com 3c505 Ethernet card.

I do not have any of the above but I need a CDROM + Tape streamer + ethernet
card soon.  If anybody has experience of these I would like to know.

Christopher Collins
Ciba-Geigy AG
Technical Infrastructure              ++41 61 69 79112 Telephone
Polymer Informatics                   ++41 61 69 78624 Faxsimile




1. Video Card (Tseng 4000/W32i) compatibility and other compatibility questions

I am purchasing a new PC and I am hoping to Run Linux with
XFree on it.

I have looked at the FAQs to try and determine if my video card will
be compatible.  I had heard to stay away from Diamond cards becasue
there are come problems with them.

Well, I could not find video cards listed in the FAQ hardware howto that
I found.  This seemd very odd to me.

Well, I am looking at two different systems.
Using two different cards.

   1.   One uses the ATI Graphics Ultra Pro
        which is based on the mach32 chip

   2.   The other uses a card based on the Tseng 4000/W32i chip.

I am probably getting the second of these.

Has anybody got Linux and Xfree working with either of these cards
or know where I can find this information in the FAQ's?

Also, in general, do I need to worry about checking every component
of my system for compatibility?  Do  most components work with
linux and Xfree?  

Thanks for the info.

Dan Clancy

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