Help me.... Unable to boot...

Help me.... Unable to boot...

Post by M.Senthil Kum » Sat, 28 Jun 2003 20:28:22

hai all...
    I had a peculiar boot problem in linux.
My syatem is i686 architecture. I installed both Win 98 and Redhat
Linux 7.3 in my system with GRUB is my boot loader.System is worked
     I  tried to change background picture in grub.cong. The file is
in /boot/grub/pictfile.xpm.gz. After i rebooted , i'm not able top
boot the system.The system is not booting atall.Again and again it is
restarting.I'm not able to see the boot option.
    Then i overwrite my  mbr using windows bootdisk using the command

fdisk /mbr

Now i'm able to go windows.But the problem is when i restarted my
computer with linux bootdisk , it is not booting. It specifies
                  Kernal panic error..pas init value as parameter.

I tried it also. I tried booting with
 linux 3
 linux single
But, it is not booting. Tell me how can i boot linux ...
and how can i again overwrite my mbr with dual boot


Help me.... Unable to boot...

Post by mjt » Sun, 29 Jun 2003 14:11:29

> I tried it also. I tried booting with
>  linux 3
>  linux single
> But, it is not booting. Tell me how can i boot linux ...
> and how can i again overwrite my mbr with dual boot
> option.............

... might get a copy of and browse around your
/boot partition to see what the issue is.  have you tried
running CD#1 for RH and "boot installed system"?

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1. Help: unable to boot using boot/root disks

Due to problems in installing the new ppp code on my linux slackware 2.2.0
(kernel 1.2.1), I am trying to re-install the whole system using salckware
3.0 (kernel 1.2.13). I saw a lot of comments that the 1.2.13 kernel is the
most stable one at the moment. However, I am not getting any luck with it
-- I can't even boot with the boot and root disks. The following are the

(1) My hardware: 486DX50 on a vesa local bus motherboard. 8M RAM, two hard
disks, SoundBlaster 16 + Panasonic 562 (double speed) CD-ROM drive, a IBM
floppy drive -- it is an integrated unit with both 3.5" and 5.25" drives.

(2) The slackware version: a local mirror site of the

(3) For boot disk, I tried both "sbpcd" and "asbpcd". Both of them display
a message
 "No BIOS32 extension present. This release still depends on it. ..."
Other messages seems normal (I am unable to read them all as they go too

(4) After the boot disk, it asks the root disk. For root disk, I tried both
color.gz and text.gz. They display the same message as the following:
  Corrupted input
  RAMDISK: gzip header not found - continuing with conventional load
  Transaction block size = 512
  end_request: I/O error, dev 2100, sector 427488
  isofs_read_super: bread failed, dev 0x2100 iso_blknum 106872
  Kernel panic: VFS Unable to mount root fs on 21:00
The machine stops at this point.

(5) I installed a older version of linux slackware two years ago without
any problems. I also successfully installed linux slackware 2.2.0 (kernel
1.2.1) which comes on a CD-ROM without too much difficulties.

Any help and suggestions would be appreciated. I am totally frustrated at
this point.

Thanks in advance

YS Yang

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