Dual headed support for xfree86??

Dual headed support for xfree86??

Post by W.R. Vo » Wed, 14 Apr 1993 06:11:22

At the subject line says, is there any dual headed support in xfree86
yet? If so, what hardware config do I need? Two video cards? and which
ones? A new server? or does the current ones directly support dual heads?

All help is appreciated.

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1. dual-head xfree86 4.0 crashes: softbooting non-matrox cards

i am trying a dual head setup with xfree 4.0 and the problem is
that the kernel crashes with something like "illegal operand: 0" or
similar no further info is registered in the syslog.
the xfree log (which i don't have available right now unfortunately),
stop when softbooting the *second* card using int10.

the monitor attached to the "primary card" (as defined by the bios, i.e.
whichever it is selected in the bios as primary, pci or agp) goes dark
(but does not blank, i.e the monitor does not go to sleep mode) and
the machine hangs: stops responding to pings and key presses, all
within 2 seconds of startx.

happens whenever x tries to start the *secondary* adapter, whichever
the secondary is.

my setup is a voodoo3 3000 agp and an s3virge mx.
now, i have just tried putting a matrox card in,
tell the bios it is the  secondary, and things work.
basically, all points to a problem of softbooting secondary
cards in a post-bios situation, no?

this matches what people say in various places that matrox
boards don't assume they are the only ones in the box
and that they softboot fine after xfree has started.

how can i help in developing the int10 code doing this?
where do xfree developers hang out to interact?
or even better, are the any (even partial) solutions out there?

could it be the motherboard using int10?

++ carlos

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