PostgreSQL: The Elephant Never Forgets

PostgreSQL: The Elephant Never Forgets

Post by Joshua Dra » Tue, 05 Jun 2001 12:44:03

t the request of some of our readers we have released the Preview
Release One of the table for contents for our PostgreSQL book.

The book PostgreSQL: The elephant never forgets is going to be the
most comprehensive book available for PostgreSQL. The title will
retail for 44.95 but you can pre-order it now for 34.95.

You may view a sample chapter on arrays at It is part of the advanced
concepts chapter which is also available at

The preview copy of the TOC is available is available at the above
URL's. Please note that the TOC is not complete and there are some
glaring ommissions. We have not yet included our chapter on PLSQL for
We invite you to comment on these chapters to help us make a better
text. Please remember that these chapters are not finished and we are
now actively seeking feedback.


1. IBM: Who Says Elephants Can't Dance?

Checked the book of that title out of the library.  It was
interesting.  The author is Lou Gerstner, the CEO who
turned IBM around.

Here's what he says in regard to Linux:

   Beware, customers, of suppliers who provide only UNIX or Wintel
   answers to your problems.  Beware of totally proprietary vendors who
   fight new developments like Linux.  These vendors still view the
   world through the window of their proprietary stack.

Linux:  Less filling, works great!

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6. IPC

7. Does Linux contain an elephant?

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