Linux networking and Novell networking... a question!

Linux networking and Novell networking... a question!

Post by Guru Aleph_Nu » Tue, 31 Aug 1993 02:27:11

Ok, me and some other people have been having a little fight over
this: Is Novell networking (specifically IPX) a "closed" system for
which Linux will never support, or is it something that can easily be
supported, but no one does because Novell networking is too expensive?

And secondly, what of anything Novell related, might be something that
will never be supported by Linux?

Enquiring minds want to know... :)

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1. Linux Network conflict with Novell Networked PCs

I have sucessfully(?) set-up the ethernet for my linux PC with
one problem. Everything works fine in my PC; I can access the
network without any problems. However, I get "Address conflict..."
messages on my console. It turned out to be my machine is interfearing
with PCs in the library that are connected through Novell network.
The sys. admin. says my machine seemed to act as a Novell server
and causes troubles to the PCs in the library. He said I may
need to turn off some daemon process that is responsible for the
conflit. However, I don't seem to be able to find such a daemon

Can anyone shed some light on this?
Sorry I could not give you the exact error message appears on the
screen since my machine's network is disabled for now because of
the conflict.

Thank you,

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