SLS 1.03 and NFS install: doesn't happen

SLS 1.03 and NFS install: doesn't happen

Post by Craig I. Hag » Tue, 10 Aug 1993 02:01:20

I have been trying to install linux SLS 1.03 over NFS, the new
install disk doesn't seem to talk, it complains of portmapper
timing out (this didn't happen with the 1.02 disk)

any ideas for what is going on?  

my configuration is:

16mb core
NE 2000 (real, not a clone) ethernet board, 16bit
2 AT compatible drives (mfm)

my server that i am using worked fine with SLS 1.02,
so it should be the problem (it is exported to everyone)

-- craig


1. LaTeX on SLS 1.03 doesn't work

At the end of August, there has been an upgrade of the TeX package including
new TeX binaries. Seems that the LaTeX format wasn't upgraded too. You can
do it for yourself with the commands (use an account with appropriate
permissions, i.e. root ot tex, if you have this one):

        myhost% cd /usr/TeX/lib/tex/formats
        myhost% initex lplain
          ... lots of TeX messages ...
        * \dump
          ... more TeX messages ...
        myhost% mv lplain.fmt latex.fmt

Happy (La)TeXing,
Reinhard Zierke                   Universitaet Hamburg, FB Informatik

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