is this correct- please take a look

is this correct- please take a look

Post by Sang K » Wed, 07 Apr 1993 06:50:13

I'm trying to install Linux .99lp6
First I put in the a1 disk
then the a2 disk
and I type


then I would press 'n' to create  a partition
then press 'p' for primary partition (I already have DOS partition #1)
then '2' to create partition #2 for linux.  
Then I would press 't' then change partition #2 (linux) to a different type
then create a third partition for swapping

after rebooting
I typed

mk2efs /dev/hda2/xxxxx        ---xxxxx is the size

then I would type

mkswap /dev/hda3/yyyyy     ----yyyy is the size of the swap

then I would type

swapon /dev/hda3

then I would install disk a2 a3 and a4

then I wqould reboot, and would get messages saying that the filesystem
doesn't match or something like that

I used mk2efs because I want to create a large partition for linux.

were all the steps correct?  If not what steps should I follow?
Is there a file that tells you how to install it?
and can you explain mkfs, mkefs and mk2efs?

thanks in advance


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