Datagram fragmentation -- help??

Datagram fragmentation -- help??

Post by Dean Broo » Wed, 02 Jun 1993 12:04:44

   Our site is connected to the Internet under Linux .99pl9 SLS1.02,
and frequently I will get the message "Datagram fragmentation not
yet implemented" on our console.

   Certain network programs like archie and a few others frequently
cause this message to occur.  When it does, I almost always lose
my connection with that particular internet site.

   Will this behaviour be fixed in the upcoming patchlevel 10 or
with the new net2 code when released?

   Is there anything I can do to helpl prevent this?  Any help
would be greatly appreciated!


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1. IP datagram fragmentation ?

Greetings everyone:

On a Linux (SLS 1.05) machine, the following error message is
generated on the console:

Where "y.y.y.y" is the IP address of that machine, and "x.x.x.x"
is the IP address of some other hosts trying (it seems) to send
mail to ours. When this happens, the error message is generated
about every 10 min.

Amoung the sources (hosts trying to send the mail) are :

 - an IBM 9121 runnig VM with FAL 2.2

 - a Sun using sendmail

I suspect that in the old versions of the Linux NET code not
everything was fully functional... Is this so ?

Any hints or ideas will be greatly appreciated.

  Chris         (answers by email are preferred)



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