Lexmark T522 under Debian

Lexmark T522 under Debian

Post by Lefu » Sat, 25 May 2002 22:39:08


we have just bought a Lexmark T522 network laser printer. I have to
configure a Debian Linux system to use this printer. Lexmark has
drivers for linux suporting RedHat, SuSe, Caldera,... packed in a .rpm
file. They do not support Debian. I have tried to use the Debian
package alien to transform the .rpk to a .dpk package and then to use
dpkg to install the drivers. However, the configuration command to
install the drivers abort with some error.

Is there anybody, who has manged to get access to a Lexmark T522 from
a Debian system?



1. lexmark z35 in debian/Mepis problems?

Hello; I have Mepis which is really Debian and I got a Lexmark z35 printer from
my brother. It is almost 8 months old and almost never used.
I plugged it in and added it to the printer manager. I think it might be cups
but what it does when I try to print a test page is run a page of paper in and
then sit for about 1 or 2 seconds then it pushes the page out with nothing
printed. My question is:
Is the printer out of ink? or dry? or is the driver not right for this printer.
It looks like the right driver as it says it is good for z25 to z35.
any help or hints will be appreciated.

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