man pages, where are they

man pages, where are they

Post by Alex R.N. Wetmor » Thu, 14 May 1992 04:22:47

Where are the man pages being kept these days?   I knew they were
somewhere around, but couldn't find them.



man pages, where are they

Post by Michael K. Johns » Thu, 14 May 1992 06:52:52

   Where are the man pages being kept these days?   I knew they were
   somewhere around, but couldn't find them.

What we have will be kept in*

We don't have a lot there right now:  Some of the people working on
the projects got slowed down by real life.  There is additional
documentation on the project in that directory.  Anyone who would like
to help is free to join the mailing list.  Things have been slow
lately, probably due to a lot of people having finals and such.  I am
hoping that this summer things will pick up a bit.

the administrative address is

and the list address is

Hope this helps people



1. Standard man pages to "Catted" man pages!

To Anyone Interested:

        How does one take a standard "troff"ed (?) man page that comes
with a package off the net (ending in .1, .2, etc) and turn in into a
compressed, "cat"ted man page (ending in .1.Z, .2.Z, etc) that are
stored in the directory /usr/man/catN (N = 1,2,3,...) that can be read
by the standard man utility that comes with the SLS distribution?  I'm
sure that this is trivial to do, and is probably written down
SOMEWHERE, but I've got only so many hours a day I can spend reading
FAQs and HOWTOs.  Thanx in advance...

                                Dr. Richard Procassini
                                Methods Development Group
                                Mechanical Engineering Department
                                Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
                                Mail Stop L-122
                                P.O. Box 808
                                Livermore, CA  94551


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