Help with Portmapper

Help with Portmapper

Post by Anurag Shank » Fri, 26 Feb 1993 04:56:35

When I boot (Linux .99pl5) the OS, I get the following message (my machine
is on the network):

mount clntudp_create : RPC : Port mapper failure - RPC : Unable to send

Does anyone know what is causing it?  It doesn't seem to interfere with

Anurag Shankar, Research Associate,                   (602)-621-9532 (work)
Steward Observatory, Univ. of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, 85721, USA


1. help with portmapper message

I am getting "portmapper on server is not responding" on a new
server I am testing. Its a Dell 6300 with 2 Xeon 400 cpus, Netgear FA310TX
10/100 NIC (Dec 21140 chip) and 5.0.4c with oss469b installed. I got the
same message with a previous NIC I tried - it used the Dec 21143 chip with
the latest driver at the SCO site.  I followed the steps in TA 102428, and
get the following:

/etc/hosts    localhost    dymxlax

uname -n


ifconfig -a

lo0: flags=4049<UP,LOOPBACK,RUNNING,MULTICAST> mtu8232 inet netmask
7f000000 perf. params:
recv size: 57344; send size: 57344; full-size frames: 1

inet netmask 7f000000 perf. params recv size: 4096;
send size: 8192; full-size frames: 1

Any help would be great...

Richard Schwarze
Dynamex Inc

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