Does anyone know anything about LOCUS' DOS MERGE running on Linux

Does anyone know anything about LOCUS' DOS MERGE running on Linux

Post by Joshua Lob » Fri, 11 Jun 1993 23:59:33

I am about to install linux.  I'm wondering if the DOS MERGE product
will run on it, to run DOS as a process under X.  There's a new
version of Merge that's just come out that supports DOS 5.0 and
Windows 3.1.  I'm particularly interested in that version.


Josh Lobel

P.S. I spoke to Locus yesterday and they said that
        a) hooks in kernel are necessary
        b) they need to make an OEM agreement w/someone, because they
           can't sell directly to users -- who could this be??

     Can dosem run windows yet?? when??


1. AIX 1.2, DOS-Merge, & > 32MB DOS Partition ??

Sure:  set up extended DOS partitions and access those:

1) Boot the PS/2 under DOS 3.3 and use 'fdisk' to create an extended
   partition and several logical drives.  Each drive would, of course,
   be 32MB or less.
2) Let the system reboot into DOS and format each of the new drives.
3) Boot under AIX.  Start Merge with 'dos +aa +ae +af:=/dev/dd03'.
   This should start a Merge session with the floppy disk as A:, the
   normal C: and D: assignments, the DOS primary partition as E:, and
   the first logical drive in the extended partition as F:.

For more information, look up the discussion "Multiple Partitions" in
"Administering DOS Partitions" in the "DOS Merge System Administration"
chapter of _DOS Merge User's and Administrator's Guide_.  You can use
the 'dosopt' command and the "/etc/dosdev" file to customize how you
start Merge to use the additional logical drives.

One last thing:  if the F: assignment does not work, you might try
starting Merge with a different "dd0x" assignment.  I found mine through
hit-or-miss.  The documentation does not explain the correspondance
between the various DOS partitions and the AIX ddxx devices very well.

Good luck.

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