uucp man/doc project (any volunteers?)

uucp man/doc project (any volunteers?)

Post by jgiff.. » Thu, 11 Jun 1992 06:37:56

There was discussion on the man list of writing some linux-specific
documentation on certain programs. (GCC, the kernel, uucp, TeX, etc...)

The suggestion was to pair up an experienced person with an inexperienced
person for each project, cause the experienced person would likely have the
right answers, and the inexperienced person would likely have some good
The example was uucp, with an experienced person "hand-holding" an
inexperienced uucp-er while they try to setup a working uucp site.  I
immediately volunteered to be the inexperienced person(cause that IS what I
am, and I am attempting to get uucp working right), but it seems that there
are no uucp experts on the linux-man list to volunteer to help me with this
documentation project.  Basically, I am attempting to put together installation
instructions, (and source sites) for a complete news/e-mail/uucp system
This includes Taylor-uucp, smail-3.1.25(or newer), elm2.3pl11(or newer),
and any news software necessary(or helpful)
I would like to establish various "levels" of setup, as follows:
        1)very basic setup,
        1.a) taylor uucp,
        1.b) smail(newest)
        1.c) use emacs as e-mail front-end

        2)mid-sized setup
        2.a) taylor uucp
        2.b) smail
        2.c) elm front-end

        3)upper-mid-sized setup,
        3.a) taylor uucp
        3.b) smail
        3.c) elm front-end
        3.d) very basic news software

        4)super-duper setup,
        4.a) taylor uucp
        4.b) smail
        4.c) elm
        4.d) whiz-bang news software and interface

Obviously, I have no experience with the news bit, and very little with the
rest, so I am a perfect guinee(sp?) pig.

If you want to volunteer to help me with this project, please e-mail.  ;)

Jim Gifford (I know, I e-mail too much)   ;)


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Just recently, I registered Linux-Everywhere.com/net/org domains with the intention to create several Open Source LINUX
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I welcome any ideas and volunteers that have excellent web design, php, html, C/C++, Perl skills and want to contribute.
For several months I am willing to sponsor all the traffic/hardware/management associated costs, but after that the
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This should allow us to create one to three LINUX portals for various projects, consulting, programming and should be
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The work quality of listed consultants/programmers should be rated at the end by their customers, and all posted
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Thank you,

Chris P.

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