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I have a CMS Jumbo 250 QIC-80 tape drive and so have been trying to
follow the discussion on linux drivers for them and I have a suggestion.
I read in some of the FAQ (or a posting, or something along those lines),
that the old SCSI drivers (before the interupt driven ones) would hold
control of the CPU to do their stuff (slowing down the system a great
deal, but if it works...), and that this might possibly work for the
QIC-40/80 drives.  I am willing to help the programing effort if the
interested parties will assist.  Please send/post your thoughts and
opinions on this.  I would like very much to be able to use my tape drive
under Linux.  I am somewhat new to the net, and to Linux, and have not
yet had the time to look into getting on the mailing-lists, but should
be able to soon.  Sorry if this is territory that has been covered

GREAT and MANY THANKS to Linus and the others for giving the 386 a
decent operating system!!  I have been looking for something like this
for years.


Moscow, Idaho, USA             <Insert Standard Disclaimer>


1. wanted information on QIC-40/QIC-80 tape drives.

Hello net-land,

    I am looking for information on using QIC-40 or QIC-80 tape drives (the
ones that attach to the floppy controller) on SCO Unix, SCO Xenix, and
Interactive Unix.

    I would like to know the pros and cons of using these type of drives.
Which ones you would recomend?  Which ones do you not recomend?

Thanks in advance.

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