QIC-40/80 Tape Distribution

QIC-40/80 Tape Distribution

Post by JM » Wed, 12 Aug 1992 21:47:39

If anyone is interested, I may be able to handle a small number of
requests for this service:

        1) You send me a QIC-40/80 *pre-formatted* tape
           and the return postage (or stamped envelope, etc)      
        2) I put all of the tar'ed and compressed files
           you could need or want (basically - what I
           have: 0.97-pl1 boot, 0.96c root, X386, gcc-2.2.2,
           0.97 source, clients, servers, utilities, etc.) as well
           as rawrite and the boot/root images onto the
           tape and send it back.

        Free. I'm not interested in making any money, I just don't want
        to have to spend any, being a penniless college student and all ;->

        If it sounds like something you might be interested in, send
        me some mail - if you don't have the ability, you can call me
        at 716-691-7542 or snail-mail at:

                Jeffrey Simon
                112 Fairgreen - Left
                Amherst, NY 14228

        ***Note: Please *don't* send a tape without getting in touch with
                 me first. I have to be able to gauge my time with the
                 number of requests i get (if any!)

                                Good look Linuxing...
 Jeffrey M. Simon              .o   o.       Computer Science / Business Mgmt.

***** "Perspiration = ( Genius - 1% Inspiration ) / .99" -Ein*kinda*stein *****


1. wanted information on QIC-40/QIC-80 tape drives.

Hello net-land,

    I am looking for information on using QIC-40 or QIC-80 tape drives (the
ones that attach to the floppy controller) on SCO Unix, SCO Xenix, and
Interactive Unix.

    I would like to know the pros and cons of using these type of drives.
Which ones you would recomend?  Which ones do you not recomend?

Thanks in advance.

David Hoopes                              Tallgras Technologies Inc.
uunet!talgras!david                       11100 W 82nd St.          
Voice: (913) 492-6002 x323                Lenexa, Ks  66214        

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