setting up Intel Satisfaxtion 400i

setting up Intel Satisfaxtion 400i

Post by Kris Nybakk » Sun, 04 Jul 1993 12:11:08

Hi All.

I have installed TAMU successfully on my 386/33.  I have swap working, and
I can log in on COM2: from my Mac.  I want to have dialout through unix,
preferably with zmodem so I can start pulling stuff off the net w/o having
to deal with 8.3 names.

I want to get my Intel SatisFAXtion 400 (internal) running with a term
program, and I don't really know where to start.

I stabbed in the dark by just changing gettydefs & inittab (same thing I
had to do to get COM2 running) and using kermit, but I knew that was just
going to be too easy to work (:

Any ideas, solutions, or directions for research greatly appreciated.


PS: a recommendation for a good 'sys adm for Linuxish for Novell/Mac/DOS
people' book (English/USA) also appreciated.