gcc problem??

gcc problem??

Post by Richard D. Yent » Tue, 20 Apr 1993 12:28:53

I am not sure if this is a linux problem or a gcc problem.  I am using
gcc version 2.3.3 and libc (and libm) version 4.3.3.  I have a program
which I wrote that performs a lot of floating point math in a loop.
It does not use malloc therefore it should use a constant amount of
memory.  The program then writes this data to stdout (a total of about
2M of ascii).  On a sun 4 using cc the program uses 0.7% mem (by
comparison "ps -u" used 1.0% mem).  On my linux box with 8M and a 16M
swap disk I use up all of the memory (real and swap)!  The only other
program running is X (6M or so).  Also if I leave sysinfo running I
can see that the program steadily uses up more and more memory.  The
program is compiled with -m486 as the only option and -lm as the only

Since the problem does not exist on the Sun 4 I think that it is a
linux or gcc problem not a bug in my code (famous last words).

Note that the program runs it just uses about 17M to much.

Any ideas?


p.s. Is there a libhard that goes with the 4.3.3 libs? I could not
find one so I am using libm.so.4.3.3.  RDY


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