Linux SLS or Slackware disk/tape

Linux SLS or Slackware disk/tape

Post by Stephen Balba » Sat, 21 Aug 1993 11:19:50

                      Linux SLS or Slackware

Linux is a 32-bit multi-tasking UNIX OS for the PC.  It is free and all
source can be obtained.  Choose either the SLS or Slackware package.

5.25" disks: $1.50/ea.
3.5"  disks: $2.00/ea.

o SLS Package (Linux version 0.99p12, SLS version 1.03 most recent update)
  Full Set includes disks: A1-A4,B1-B7,C1-C3,D1-D2,S1,T1-T3,X1-X10

              Full set 5.25" 31 disks  $45
              Full set 3.5"  31 disks  $60
              Full set DOS QIC-40 tape $40

o Slackware Package (Linux version 0.99p12, Slackware version 1.01)
  Full set includes disks: A1-A13,X1-X11  

              Full set 3.5"  25 disks  $50 (must be boot drive)
              Full set DOS QIC-40 tape $40
              TeX (from SLS) 3 disks   $6

[NOTE: Due to (c) problems with SLS, Slackware will not be available in
its current form beyond this version 1.01.  However, they may make a new
release useing a diffrent install method, I don't know.  In any case this
release is still fine and works great.]

o "Linux Installation and Getting Started", Matt Welsh

   150 pg. laser printed PostScript manual.  Focus on SLS installation,
   excellent new user guide. $15 if ordering SLS or Slackware.
                             $20 single order.

o SLS and Slackware on 2 (two) QIC-40 tapes $65

All releases include all up to date FAQ's, META-FAQ, INFOSHEET and other
documentation covering Linux.

Linux is freely available on the Internet and on many BBS's.  You may
FTP Linux from TSX-11.MIT.EDU

WARRANTY:  Files or disks damaged during shipment will be replaced.  
           This offer does not include support from me, Slackware or
           SLS (although SLS will provide support for a fee).  Please
           ask for a hardware compatibility sheet if you have
           questions regarding your particular set up.

TERMS:  Check (5-day hold), money-order, cashier check, bank wire.
        Made payable to Stephen Balbach


        Stephen Balbach
        5437 Enberend Terrace
        Columbia, MD 21045
        (410) 740-1157

Stephen Balbach . Clark Internet Services . Washington D.C./Balt. metro


1. New linux does not use disk BIOS mapping (Slackware/SLS)

There seems to be a problem with newer versions of linux, especially
Slackware/SLS (others I don't know). I have two scsi drives and
with linux 0.98.2 (SLS I think) it recognizes my drives and their
partion tables, it writes them out at boot time. But with
newer versions it recognizes the physical disk, but does not care
about the BIOS mapping.

This is catastrophical since OS/2 and DOS uses the BIOS mapping created
by my ST-02. I've created partions using the OS/2 fdisk and they work all
right, but newer versions of linux seems to ignore the logical mapping.

If I use the linux fdisk extended menu I can set the logical mapping,
and viola my partion table, BUT when I leave fdisk linux does not
know the mapping.

In /etc/lilo/disktab it should be possible to set the geometry of the disk,
so I mounted the filesystem and edited that file. Lilo seems to ignore it.

SCSI-HOWTO Subsection D: Disk Geometry; does not give me any clues except:

"Otherwise, you'll have to use the BIOS mapping. In some cases, this
will mean reconfiguring the disk so that it is at SCSI ID 0, and
disable the second IDE drive (if you have on)."

That is 1) I don't have any IDE-drives. 2) My scsi disks are set as
number id 0 and id 1.

What have you changed?, and what shall I do?

Thanks, Jonas S Karlsson

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