Logging in on Linux 0.99p6 with poeigl-1.9a's login

Logging in on Linux 0.99p6 with poeigl-1.9a's login

Post by Arjan de V » Thu, 25 Feb 1993 08:29:31

After applying the following patch to login.c from poeigl-1.9a.tar.Z login
can be used with the new vhangup() code in the 0.99p6 kernel. It's a slight
adaption of a patch by Rick Sladkey.

--- login.c.orig        Mon Jan 18 09:40:57 1993

            ttt.c_cflag &= ~HUPCL;
+           close(0); close(1); close(2);
        (void)signal(SIGHUP, SIG_DFL);

I've tested it both for modem and console logins.

The separated dial-out (/dev/cua?) and dial-in (/dev/ttyS?) devices work
perfectly for me now in Linux 0.99pl6 with this patched login.




1. Announcement: poeigl-1.3 init/getty/login

I have just put "poeigl-1.3.tar.Z" on the following archives:


The new version has a few improvements, but mostly outdated programs
have been *removed*.

The programs should now compile cleanly with gcc 2.x, and as I have
removed the UFC crypt library (it's in libc now) it won't compile with
gcc 1.40.

The login program now supports a lastlog facility.

        - Peter.

Hasle Ringvej 122, DK-8200 Aarhus N, DENMARK

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