IBM PS/ValuePoint and Linux

IBM PS/ValuePoint and Linux

Post by Don Turnbul » Fri, 03 Sep 1993 06:51:43

I know that this has been out here before, but I just bought a new ValuePoint
and I can't find the answer now.  I have a 486/33 PS/ValuePoint running OS/2
Boot Manager and wish to install Linux.  My install disk boots up fine until
I get to the login prompt.  At that point, when I enter install per the
directions, I get the following message:

Sorry, linux can't find any hard drives.

Does anyone out there know what I need to do to fix this?  I am not terribly
familiar with Unix (but NEEDING to learn), so please be gentle.  Any info
would be helpful :)

        Please direct answers to comp.os.linux or to one of the following
        internet/bitnet addresses:

Thanks!     Don Turnbull, Central Michigan University (student, as usual!)


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Ok, the summary of my recent post is as follows:
1- I must boot with the current A.1 disk and use LILO to change the
   hd parameters for the session.  For my computer, the command is
   (at the Boot: prompt obtained by holding the ALT key down when
    LILO appears on the top of the screen...):

       ramdisk hd=1005,12,55 (where 1005 = #of tracks, 12= #heads, and 55= #

2- I must install the system and change the HD parameters in one of the
   include files, then re-compile the kernel.

Since I have the SLS utility for installing and using Linux, I have adequate
documentation on compiling the kernel.  Also, I have adeaquate documentation
on using LILO to control the boot sequence from OS/2 Boot Manager.  However,
I am still not able to mount the root /dev/hda1.  The system gets to that
point and kicks an error back.  I think the problem is that I have not porperly
defined the hard drive in the new kernel.  Can anyone tell me EXACTLY which
files have to be changed and used to compilt the kernel?  Also, what
information about my hard drive will I need?  I know the number of heads,
tracks, and sectors per track but is there more?  How do I go about finding
anything more I need out?  There is an include file (bootsect.S I think)
that gives unclear instructions as to how to define a hard drive that asks for
at least three more parameters than LILO.  One of them is wpcom.  Does that
sound at all familiar to anyone?  I will appreciate ANY help!  Thanks!.

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