SLS 1.01 won't boot

SLS 1.01 won't boot

Post by Stei » Fri, 30 Apr 1993 19:21:39

I have obtained the latest SLS release, rawrote a1 to Floppy, but
when I try to boot the a1 disk, I see
LILO Loading ramdisk
Error 0x04
Loading ramdisk
Error 0x04

I know that my system can run Linux, and I was able to boot and install
an earlier SLS version (.98.5 and .99.6). However, the a1.test
and H.J.'s boot/rootdisk show the same results.

Unusual configuration items: ST-02 SCSI-controller
The rest: 386-20, 8mb, 240 & 85 mb SCSI-drives

Please help me with this problem. Thank you for your attention.


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SLS 1.01 won't boot

Post by Markus Ku » Fri, 07 May 1993 03:27:58

>I have obtained the latest SLS release, rawrote a1 to Floppy, but
>when I try to boot the a1 disk, I see
>LILO Loading ramdisk
>Error 0x04
>Loading ramdisk
>Error 0x04

All people that have this problem seem to have Seagate ST-02 SCSI
controllers. The only solution I know so far is: Go back to a pre-LILO
SLS release.


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