Problem,dip, for SLIP, config requested.

Problem,dip, for SLIP, config requested.

Post by nilesh pat » Fri, 03 Sep 1993 20:55:21

        I have some problem with my dip. I downloaded NET-2 from
        2-3 days ago. I configured and recompiled the kernel for SLIP.
        While bootup, the system says : SLIP version 0.7.5 Ok

        when I try to start dip in test mode, this is what I get.
        $ dip -t
        (none): Host name lookup failure

        I am attaching my /etc/ file ( I have SLS version of linux)

        $ cat /etc/
        # rc.inet1: configure the network interface


        # Attach the loopback device.
        /etc/ifconfig lo  
        /etc/route add

        # IF YOU HAVE AN ETHERNET CONNECTION, use these lines below to configure the
        # eth0 interface. If you're only using loopback or SLIP, don't include the
        # rest of the lines in this file.

        So, can anybody tell me what is wrong or missing in my configuration.
        Or, what additional info I should post.

        I have a 2400 baud modem on cua0 which works fine with kermit.

        The address of my SLIP server is

        I do not know if it is static or dynamic.

        YES. I have gone through NET-2-HOWTO



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Hello Group,

I have been working with Unix systems for 4 years now.  I have just
recently (6 months) begun work with Linux on my Pentium at home.  I have
been succesful in most parts of setting up the X-windows environment,

I am, however, having some difficulty in setting a SLIP / CSLIP
connection to
work (DIP).  I have setup (and I'm hoping correctly) the network
environment on my host, but I'm having some difficutly.  Essentially,the
following error occurs after setting the SecureID connection and
a telnet to an HP workstation (at work);

--> telnet

telnet: socket: invalid argument

Do you recognize this error?
What has been set wrong?

If this error is not recognizable, does someone have a "checklist" that
I may go through to ensure I have not missed some obscure step.

- Bert.

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