Anyone got EXPECT working for Linux?

Anyone got EXPECT working for Linux?

Post by David Schmi » Mon, 19 Jul 1993 02:20:45

I'm trying to build EXPECT 4.7 under Linux (SLS 1.02 release).  So far
TCL 6.7 and TK 3.2 have compiled and passed their tests.  EXPECT compiles
fine, but when I try to run the EXPECT examples (e.g. kibitz), it hangs for a
while and then finally prints:

        too many programs spawned? - out of ptys

and leaves a whole bunch of /tmp/ptylock.XX files around.

I know I'm not out of pty's (I can start up more x-terms no problem), and
don't understand why EXPECT is failing.  Can anyone help?



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Anyone got EXPECT working for Linux?

Post by Mark Eich » Wed, 21 Jul 1993 00:29:12

Quote:>>        too many programs spawned? - out of ptys

There was a bug in the pty handling in linux, I think it was fixed
between 99p9 and 99p10. (Someone might have the patch around, I could
dig for it...) I've used DejaGnu (test harness built on top of expect)
to run gdb tests under Linux (unfortunately, didn't get this done
before the gdb-4.9 release.)

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