SLS disk A2 confusion

SLS disk A2 confusion

Post by Brian Wrig » Fri, 18 Jun 1993 09:21:39

Hello, Linuxers!

I'm in the process of acquiring the complete SLS series from tsx-11,
but I noticed that the FAQs and READMEs mention that disk A2 is an
image file, but disk A2 is a regular MSLOSS disk.  Has the format for A2



1. Slackware2.0.2 Setup wont install a2 (disk a2)

I'm trying to install Slackware 2.02 and can never get the Setup
program to read disk a2. Everything works fine until then. I get
a message to the effect that the disk in the drive seems to be
the incorrect one (ie not a2). I'm using 1.44 stiffies to install.
I have tried using a different stiffy disk, re downloaded both a1 and a2
disks, checked that the files match what is in the FILE_LIST,
compared my mirror sight with all without finding any
problems or inconsistencies.

I'm using the bare (from bare.gz) boot kernel and have tried both the
color144 and tty144 root disks. These seem to work fine and report
Slackware 2.02 so they seem to be the correct version. I've also read
install_howto, the readme files, the faq and anything else that looked
vaguely relevant all to no avail. I've never seen such a problem
mentioned even.

Has anyone had such a problem ?
Can anyone help please ??
Even if someoene could tell me how the Setup program decides that the
disk is the incorrect one that could give me a clue.

E-mail or posting appreciated.
Thank You

Dave McConnell

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