LaTeX (latex.fmt) in SLS 1.03, bum copy?

LaTeX (latex.fmt) in SLS 1.03, bum copy?

Post by Guru Aleph_Nu » Tue, 14 Sep 1993 01:46:11

Does anyone know if the*in SLS Linux 1.03 is a bad copy? I've
reinstalled it twice (the first time the latex.fmt file was a
different size and the second time*still says "I'm stymied.")
and it still doesn't work.

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LaTeX (latex.fmt) in SLS 1.03, bum copy?

Post by Thomas Dunb » Tue, 14 Sep 1993 10:33:03

the latex.fmt file in latex.tgz is one that is compatible with
the virtex in's simple enought to update your
latex.fmt though. just run:

initex lplain \\dump; mv lplain.fmt /usr/TeX/lib/tex/formats/latex.fmt

NOTE: for a while i had binaries posted that only looked
in subdirs of /usr/TeX/lib/tex/inputs for files. if ur binary
cant find lplain.tex either:

  1)get updated texbin.tgz
  2) run:
      cd /usr/TeX/lib/tex
      tar cvf m.t macros
      rm -r macros
      ln -s inputs macros
      tar cvf m.t
      sync; rm m.t

 please forgive my oversight that caused the above problems.


1. LaTeX on SLS 1.03 doesn't work

At the end of August, there has been an upgrade of the TeX package including
new TeX binaries. Seems that the LaTeX format wasn't upgraded too. You can
do it for yourself with the commands (use an account with appropriate
permissions, i.e. root ot tex, if you have this one):

        myhost% cd /usr/TeX/lib/tex/formats
        myhost% initex lplain
          ... lots of TeX messages ...
        * \dump
          ... more TeX messages ...
        myhost% mv lplain.fmt latex.fmt

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