Citrix client on Linux Mandrake 7.2

Citrix client on Linux Mandrake 7.2

Post by Brendan Boyl » Sun, 25 Feb 2001 00:21:17

I'm attempting to connect to a Citrix server remotely using a modem and
PPP.  I can quite happily dial using kppp and establish a connection but
the Citrix client doesn't seem to be able to spot the server.  I can give
it the server name or IP address but it still doesn't connect on either.

I'm sure there is a simple setting somewhere in PPP or my networking info
 that I am missing.  Cananyone please point me to where I may be able to
 get some further setup information?  THe Citrix website wasn't of much
 good to me and a newsgroup search hasn't helped much either.

Please help, my other choice is to either travel 2 hours each way to work
or (even worse) reinstall Windows and I REALLY don't want to do that...
Please save me from the embarrassment of having to run a Windows partition
 again after many happy months without it.

Thanks in advance
Brendan Boyle


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