Red Hat Linux 9

Red Hat Linux 9

Post by Stelios Georgoul » Wed, 02 Apr 2003 22:35:13

Hi everyone!
I am just wondering about the name of the latest Red Hat distribution.
Is it just an attempt to catch up with Mandrake (regarding the
numbering of releases) or does it really have brand new features that
justify the naming as version 9 (9 and not 9.0) instead of 8.1?
Also, does anyone have any initial experiences with it? Does the
kernel allow for ACPI patching?

Red Hat Linux 9

Post by Joachim Becker » Fri, 04 Apr 2003 04:56:13


what i've heard about it is:
1. they do want to catch up with mandrake, suse, ...
     they think that costumers who go to the store to get them a linux,
     will choose the distro with the highest number
2. there has been a new threading model included in redhat 9
     performance for some programs (like java) will boost up 50%
     that would explain the major release
     i found this on usenet, check for more details
those are just rumours

what can be found on the redhat site ( is
the following:
"In the past, Red Hat has ensured compatibility and supportability
within product families. With the recent introduction of Red Hat
Enterprise Linux and that family of products, we are now able to
integrate stable and mature new technology developments as they are
released instead of having to delay their incorporation until the next
major release, following a few point releases. The accelerated numbering
reflects Red Hat's move to speed the adoption of open-source technology."

i don't really understand what they're saying
are they saying that they're gonna release a new major release whenever
an open souce project releases an update?


1. Demonizing Red Hat (was: CodeWarrior for Red Hat Linux)

Oh please, get a grip.  "Red Hat Linux" is no more or less than the name of
the distribution, just like "Debian GNU/Linux", to mention the distro I
prefer for most applications, or "SuSE Linux" or "TurboLinux", or any of the
others.  (I don't recall if Slackware generally uses "Slackware Linux" -
it's been a good long time since I used it, and we always just called it
"Slackware", or just "Slack" in conversation.)

And of course it is true that the distributions are somewhat different from
each other.  I understand that you can unpack and install an RPM under
Debian, for example, but I've never tried it myself.  Debian's package
management is a large part of the reason I prefer it to Red Hat, which I
have installed and used on a "testbed" machine, or Slackware, which I got
tired of upgrading by reinstalling (it was easier that way).

I guess it all depends on how you look at it.   I would have said it looked
like an attempt to clearly label the distribution that Red Hat sells and
supports.  Doing so would help to prevent unexpected pain if someone with,
say, a SuSE system bought a package that did happen to depend on some
idiosyncrasy of Red Hat - an unusual library, perhaps, or a certain
directory structure.  Sure, in the best of all possible worlds there would
be less unnecessary differences between distros - but if there weren't some
differences what would be the point of having more than one?  Seems to me we
all benefit a lot from the variety: I would hate to be stick using Slackware
or Red Hat, myself.  I could get by, but I have no irrational desire to have
to build a few hundred arge packages from source and manage their
installation, configuration, and (especially) upgrading by hand.  In fact,
if I had to spend that much time on managing the system instead of getting
what I consider useful work done... why, I might as well be using Windows,
complete with annual preventitive reinstalls and frequent reboots - I'd
still come out ahead on time lost to the system.

I am very, VERY glad I don't have to do that!  <big grin>

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