dosemu Makefile can't find stdio.h

dosemu Makefile can't find stdio.h

Post by Dan Wo » Sun, 04 Jul 1993 07:20:02

I've just installed SLS from tsx-11. I'm tried to run "make" for the dosemu
Makefile. It reports: "stdio.h: no such file or directory". Indeed I can't
find stdio.h anywhere in the filesystem. I thought I'd properly installed
the SLS c* disks which are for the gcc compiler. Can someone help please?

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As I have tried first time to compile something with gcc, it reportet
that he can't find stdio.h, stdlib.h string.h. I searched the whole
directory tree but these header-files are not on my computer.

I use RedHat 5.0 so I checked with gimp if there are any packages
missing. But the all the packages in the Development-Group are complete.

Can me anybody say in which package these files are.

Beat Zahnd
Engineering School Biel

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