mounting e2fs

mounting e2fs

Post by Kwun H » Mon, 03 May 1993 12:58:15


I wonder if someone can tell me how I can mount a e2fs from the shell??
I get a error when I try to do so just with mount.

I don't think it is in the FAQ.



mounting e2fs

Post by Klaus Schneide » Fri, 07 May 1993 20:47:24

Hi Kwun,

mounting an ext2fs partion from the shell should work with mount this
          mount -t ext2 /dev/xxxx /what_ever_your_path_is

Certainly your devices has to bear a ext2fs, made bei mke2fs. The
directory /what_ever_your_path_is also has to be available and the
device (partition) may not be already mounted.



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I'm working on a system that uses Linux as an embedded controller.
From time to time, we can expect that the system will loss power and
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repair any damage when the system comes back up.

Question:  Would mounting with the "sync" option help here?  My
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