gdb(1) and ptrace(2)

gdb(1) and ptrace(2)

Post by Drew Eckhar » Fri, 17 Apr 1992 20:19:55

1.  gdb does not work with the new .95c+ kernel.  
        Breakpoints end up in wierd places, etc.
        My guess is that internal structures changed
        enough from .95a to .95c to break things
        (ie task_info, etc)....

        I don't still have my .95a sources to verify this,
        but if it isn't just me someone should recompile
        gdb with the new kernel header files.  

        (I have 8M free on my disk, and I don't think
        it's enough.)

2.  ptrace(2) does not support attach/unattach.  Does
        any one care to rectify this?

3.  GDB 4.5 has been released.  Is anyone building this?>


1. gdb(1) and ptrace(2)

Linus has detailed some further fixes that were necessary, and I now have
a working gdb 4.5 binary here. It does require those kernel fixes to run.
When the new kernel is posted for download, I'll be uploading the gdb 4.5
binary, cdiffs to the 4.5 distribution and documentation (to

david nugent          Public Access Usenet        "Only Nixon can go to China"

PO Box 260, Endeavour Hills, Victoria, Australia, 3802.

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