Fonts garbled in X

Fonts garbled in X

Post by antipo » Tue, 15 Aug 2000 04:00:00

I've setup Slack 7.1 on a friends box (I installed from an ISO). When I
set up X and run a window manager, the fonts look garbled (I took a
screenshot, it's here:
Changing window managers doesn't help, I tried FVWM, FVWM2, and
Blackbox. The fonts are messed up in the menus and any programs I run
(xterm, netscape, etc.) although they work fine in console. Anyone have
any ideas on whats up? I think he's got some sort of Riva video card,
not sure which one, maybe a TNT. He's using X 3.3.6 on some sort of
generic 17" monitor. Any help appreciated.

1. Installation from rh 7 cd has partially garbled display...then linux gui is totally garbled display

A full install from a rh 7 cd on the second hard drive of my kid's ibm with
Athlon 700 mHz, SR9 video card (16mb ram), 384MB RAM.  The install was using
the gui interface.  This cd has been used successfully on two previous
installs on older  machines (dual boot).  The install begins with normal
display, but becomes partially garbled early in the installation (during
set-up stage).  It required some persistence to make all the choices, etc.
The installation itself went smoothly (a full install).  Upon first boot,
lilo was as expected and we booted to linux (the command line).  Login...ok.
Startx came up totally garbled (appeared to be a kaleidoscope of overlapping
screens...would have been an interesting screen saver).  The gnome footprint
was visible so we logged out and tried again...same results.  
As root, at the command line, the ls command gave no results at all.
During install, there was no network setup screen offered.  The machine has
a linksys 10/100 lan card installed (works fine with a windows lan).
We used Xconfigurator to customize the display (after the second boot).
The sound card configuration page never came up during installation.
We plan to re-install tonight using text mode.
Any assistance or suggestions would be much appreciated!

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