AHA-1542C problems

AHA-1542C problems

Post by Krister Hansson-Rena » Thu, 25 Feb 1993 08:32:45

Linux 0.99pl4 fails to autodetect Adaptec AHA-1542C.  Is it possible to
force Linux into using the AHA-1542 drivers?

Please send a mail if You have a solution to my problem.


Fidonet : 2:201/201.7


1. problem installing x86 2.5 with update 3 and Adaptec AHA-1542C

Dear all

I try to install X86 2.5 with drivers update 3 and
Adaptec AHA-1542C SCSI controller.

I have the following error message after I chose
interactive installation:

Configuring the /dev directory
hsfs mount failed, trying ufs......

Bad /usr
(This could be due to using /usr from a boot server.)

And it goes back to the prompt #

I think the problem is caused by the controller.
Anyone install it sucessfully with the same
controller?? Please help..

Many thanks

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