Linux needs SVGA? and other Qs HELP!

Linux needs SVGA? and other Qs HELP!

Post by acm.. » Mon, 08 Jun 1992 11:25:54

Could someone please give me some concise answers to these questions:

 1) Is SVGA a requirement? Won't X work with VGA? I have a paradise VGA 512k
 2) What sort of mouse do I need to run x windows?
 3) Is the X windows system working well enough I could write a few small
        programs for an independent study I am doing on X windows?
 4) How much space should I free on my 486 for X, GCC, EMACS, and the
    X libs. What versions of these programs will I need.
 5) Are there any known problems running linux on a 486 with an IDE drive?
 6) Where can I get a simple summary of how to set all of this up
    (I will write one if none exists and I end up actually setting this up)

  7) Partitioning software - What is avaliable? Any that will do it without
     requiring a reformat?
  8) Boot software- What is available? It is important both DOS and LINUX
     can be booted easily with little or no additional steps

I have read both the FAQ and the accounts of other people stting up linux
I have tested the floppy version of linux on the 486. It appears to work
and even recognize the hard drive.

        Thank you for your time! Please send responses via email and I can
         summarize as needed.

                Thanks again! -=-----Jeff