How about a C++ class lib for graphics?

How about a C++ class lib for graphics?

Post by ka.. » Wed, 14 Jul 1993 20:45:47


I've written a C++ class library for VGA graphics, based on VGAlib. It was
mainly necessary for a port of a DOS program to Linux. As it turned out, it's
fairly decent (though I suspect there are bugs in it yet). It features, e.g.,
line clipping, text display, etc.

The question is, would the World be interested in such a class library? E-mail
me if you are; if enough request come in, I will upload it to some site.

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I have GNU g++ 1.37.1 compiler installed from the original GNU source.
When I am trying to install NIH 2.204 class library (from GNU tape) using
GNU g++ 1.37.1 compiler "make" reports errors in finding certain include files
such as iostream.h, iomanip.h and rand48.h ...
I would like to know which version of g++ compiler that can be used to
install NIH library. (GNU g++ compiler claims that it's version 1.37.1
is compatible with AT&T 2.0 compiler and NIH lib should be compilable
with 2.0 compiler !!).

I will appreciate your solution or lead to get info for this problem.

I also will appreciate if someone can give the list of version 2.1 C++ compilers
on Sun sparcstation.

Please email to me directly. Thanks in advance.


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