Newbie Video Question

Newbie Video Question

Post by chris aguil » Wed, 25 Dec 2002 10:36:37

Hi there folks, just got my first Linux (Suse 8.1) installed and am
having issues with the video card (Trident 9750). Grub loads up fine
and the graphics look great, but when it completed and "changes" over
to KDE, my screen goes completely black. I have tried in the initial
boot up to change the VGA settings to "6" per a friends suggestion,
and some other settings, and nothing has worked. ANy suggestions would
be wonderful..



1. newbie video question


I just bought a used AMD 486DX40 with a SONY CPD-1304 monitor (14") and
some wacky video card with the following markings.

        engraved on the board near monitor connector:
                CL-GD5424/26 VESA LOCAL BUS FAB REV E1
        on label stuck to back of board:
                P/N A-VGA200VL
FRONT (Chip-side):
        upper right-hand corner:
                VESA LOCAL BUS VGA CARD
                P/N EMA00400A30S-E1
        below that, about halfway down the height of the card:
                FCC ID: JDF-VGA-VL5428 E1
                Rev [this is blank]
                Made in Taiwan, R.O.C. [surprised?]
        the following chips and sockets are present (from left; top-to-bottom)
                CIRRUS LOGIC    CL-GD5428-80QC-A
                                9404 J
                TEXAS INSTRUMENTS 3476NOK  (there are 4 of these)
                eight sockets marked "44256"
                MITSUBISHI(?)   M5M44260AJ (2 of these)
                CIRRUS LOGIC    CL-GD5904-20DC-V130
                                copyright 1992, Cirrus Logic


How do I most effectively describe these bits of hardware to Linux to
greatest advantage? (The purchase deal did not include manuals...I don't
even know the monitor's scan rates, etc.)

Please reply by email, and thanks for your time!

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