The Supreme Court Scam

The Supreme Court Scam

Post by Chris Ahlstro » Thu, 07 Sep 2000 11:27:13

>     As far as your "paraniod city dwellers" how would you handle a crack
> head invading your home? He is armed with a fully automatic weapon, a weapon
> that is illegal for law abiding citizrns to own. But, the government of this
> country seems to think that I am the problem. I have never commited a crime,
> I have never even pointed a gun at another human being. But somehow, I am
> the one who is penalized for criminals having guns.
>     Well, try and take my guns, and you will find out exactally what a "well
> regulated militia is".

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1. END-GAME : Microsoft forced to appeal to the US Supreme Court

A lot of the industry are now asking the Government to
injuction the XP release.

So Microsoft are trying to bring back the ship date for XP to
september and are ... appealing to the Supreme court.

It's not so long ago that Microsoft's defence team were
desperately trying to prevent the US DOJ bypassing the court
of appeal.

IANAL ( I am not a laywer ) , but even I consider that Microsoft
does not stand a hope in hell of getting a Supreme court ruleing
in its favor.

Meanwhile some Microsoft insiders have seen the writing on the

David Mohring - Rats, sinking ship, you get the concept.

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