info request: RAWRITE

info request: RAWRITE

Post by diony.. » Sun, 18 Apr 1993 05:29:21

I am looking for the RAWRITE program, yes I have looked thru the FAQ, no  
location listed in there

pls mail, as I do not read this group


info request: RAWRITE

Post by In Sik Rh » Sun, 18 Apr 1993 06:01:27

I have a 1542C and I don't have linux already installed, and I want to use
it so I need to download a boot disk with the patch already applied to it.
can someone direct to me a site where I can download this?  If none exists,
could someone be kind enough to make such a bootable and put it up on the
mit or sunsite server?  I have seen other users post with the same problem
and I am sure they too would appreciate your efforts...

thank you very much,



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I am getting the following console messages:

Jan  7 00:38:40 monolith kernel: Weird - unlocked, clean and not uptodate
 on list 0 0b:00 32
Jan  7 00:38:40 monolith last message repeated 23 times
Jan  7 00:40:09 monolith kernel: Cache mismatch on TCP.
Jan  7 00:40:31 monolith last message repeated 4 times

The message on buffers is also seen on boot...  I can't seem to find any
references which explain these.  I am using Linux 1.3.30.  The TCP error
message is appearing during a PPP link.

Thanks a million for any pointers!

(Tokyo, Japan)

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