Q: RAMDISK, how to make use of a ramdisk specified in kernel Makefile

Q: RAMDISK, how to make use of a ramdisk specified in kernel Makefile

Post by Andreas Kle » Wed, 11 Aug 1993 22:16:03

Hello !

I want to use a ramdisk device for /tmp ...
in /usr/src/linux/Makefile I saw a define RAMDISK=... no. of blocks ...

For what porposes can I use the ramdisk and how can I use it.
Mount it under /tmp .... ???

Tanks in advance

Andreas Klemm - 40469 Norf - Germany - phone: +49/ 2137 12609


1. problem with creating ramdisk: kernel loads, but hangs when it tries to mount ramdisk


I built a ramdisk root partition for redhat 5.2, but it seems to crash as
soon as the kernel jumps to the ramdisk.
The last message I see is:
    VFS: Mounted root (ext2 fileseystem).

I built the ramdisk according to the instructions in docs/bootdisks
(followed it precisely)

Basically, I zeroed /dev/ram, made it an ext2 file system, and then mounted
it on /mnt.
I then created /mnt/dev, /mnt/etc, /mnt/bin, /mnt/sbin, /mnt/lib, /mnt/usr,
and /mnt/var
I populated dev with cp -dpR /dev /mnt
I then copied most of the /bin and /sbin binaries into their respective
locations.  I issued an ldd /mnt/bin/init and copied all of the libraries
required by init.  I stripped out the debug information with objmove from
the libraries and maintained symbolic links.

I then unmounted /mnt and copied the contents of /dev/ram to a file with a
dd if=/dev/ram of=rootfs bs=1k
It said there was a read/write error at this step.  Not sure what caused the

Could someone post a generic redhat 5.2 (intel) ramdisk root partition (one
that can be mounted by the kernel and contains basic binaries)?  I would
really like to try a ramdisk that I know is working.


Oscar Stiffelman

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