Redhat 7.1 installation problem

Redhat 7.1 installation problem

Post by news » Fri, 22 Jun 2001 08:55:42

Hi, I am trying to install RedHat Linux 7.1. Booting up from CD and the
installation program starts to detect my hardware, then there is a blue
screen that says "failed to read /modules/module-info" and then a series of
error messages and then installation is terminated. Please help!! Thanks so
much for your time.



Redhat 7.1 installation problem

Post by Mathieu Marchan » Sun, 24 Jun 2001 04:19:31

Try to contact Red Hat support team...

Mathieu Marchand



1. RedHat 7.1 installation problem

Hi all,

I just downloaded RH 7.1 images and burnt into 2 CDs.
I'm trying to install it on an old PC which is only P120, 48MB, 2x IDE 1.2GB
disk, with Wearnes CDD1020 CD-ROM.
I made a boot disk using dd command from another Linux box. Then boot up the
P120 with the boot disk. The installation process starts but keeps saying "I
could not find a Red Hat Linux CDROM in any of your CDROM drives..." even
though I put disc 1 in.
Then I start the machine using a DOS boot disk with the driver for the
CD-ROM. I ran \dosutils\autoboot. The installation process starts but ends
with the same error.

Anyone has any idea why it won't see the CD.


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