DC-93 SCSI problems

DC-93 SCSI problems

Post by Hauck Joch » Wed, 13 Oct 1993 19:51:02

I use the DC93 Mach1 SCSI Hostadapter from Dawicontrol.
This controller has the AMD 33C93A as main processor. I want to use this
configuration with linux but did'nt found any drivers yet.
Has anyone written or found any drivers or has experience with this HA?




1. DC-93 Mach2 SCSI-Adapter

We try to install a DC-93 Mach2 SCSI-Adapter with a Quantum Fireball 1080S. We are usng the
internal SCSI-bios.
Neither the adapter nor the disc were detected by the Linux installation routine.
Both worked fine with OS/2 and Dos.
Did anybody ever get the adapter to run.


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