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I have received hundreds of responses from fellow Linuxer's asking
whether I could get any other equipment from my brother.  People asked
that I post anything else that I could acquire as soon as I find out.
One of the number one requests was for CD-ROM drives (one of which I
wanted in the first place).  I got mine last week and I love it!  It
works great with Linux (exactly as I expected).  The following is a
description.  Anyone who wants one E-mail me.  I will give them out on
a first come first serve basis.


I have a few brand new Toshiba CD-ROM drives that I acquired at a University
discount.  These drives went for $450.00 regularly.  I got them from my brother
for $200.00 and I will give them away to anyone who wants one for that same
price (THESE ARE BRAND NEW).  E-MAIL me if you want one because
I will give them out on a first come first serve basis.  Just think,
now you can impress all your friends with the cool way that your
computer can play music CD's and do multi-media stuff.

These are IBM versions of the Toshiba 3101 SCSI CD-ROM drives.  
They were manufactured by Toshiba for IBM.  As a result, they
have been manufactured to IBM specs which means that they are very
high quality (University quality).  These drives are internal
1/2 height.  They are vastly superior to most of the non-SCSI
CD-ROM drives out there.  I have tested mine for a while now and it
works perfectly with Linux.  I just "mount -t iso9660 /dev/scd0 /mnt"
and I can then "cd /mnt" to access great pictures, gifs, data, games,
executables, everything on the CD-ROM.  600 MEG of data at your
fingertips in an instant!  (It plays CD's in DOS perfectly too and every
SCSI controller comes with ASPI managers for DOS.  For example,
Adaptec controllers (mine is a 1742) come with ASPIDOS.SYS and with
CDplayer which puts an audio CD control panel on the screen.  With
it you can play CD's and do everything you would ordinarily do with a
Cd player.  So DOS drivers exist to play CD's in DOS as well.  We will
need to write an altered driver for Workman (the Sun OS CD player that
has been ported to Linux).  I tried executing Workman and it comes up OK but I
couldn't get it to play the CD's.  I don't have any time to play with it *BUT*
I have been told that sr_ioctl.c can be altered properly within a
matter of hours.)

They will work with *ANY* SCSI controller.  DOS drivers come with most
SCSI controllers; however, if you don't have them for DOS its *NOT A
PROBLEM*.  Simply call the manufacturer's 800 number and tell them
that you own one of their controllers and you want the drivers for the
IBM version of the Toshiba 3101.  They will send you the drivers and
you are all set.  

The CD-ROM drive is so easy and self explanatory that docs are
virtually unnecessary (which is good because
these *DO NOT* come with docs).  Each CD-ROM drive comes with complete
installation instructions (written by me) and each comes with usage
instructions.  The drives are *BRAND NEW*.  They are 100% guaranteed
for 30 days.  If you get one and you don't like the way it matches
your wallpaper simply return it for you money back *NO QUESTIONS ASKED*!

I will be shipping out 15 of these in the next week or so.  I need to
pay the cash up front to my brother. (He is the industrial reseller I
am getting them from.)  He will acquire them and I will
ship them out.  One way of doing this would be C.O.D..  However, this
would require my coming up with over $3000.00 up front and waiting for
money to come back to me.  Since I cannot do this payment C.O.D. is
not possible.  


(It may be possible for me to allow people to pay with
credit card through my mother's antique shop.  If anyone wants to pay
that way feel free to ask.)


I repackaged my Toshiba, went to UPS, weighed the package, and found out
the cost of S&H.  I asked them for worst case S&H in the continental
U.S. (i.e., California).  S&H with insurance for $250.00 plus tracking
would cost $10.00 from Boston to California.  That is what I will
charge everyone for S&H.

These drives work perfectly with Linux, BSD, and other Unices for the
PC as well as DOS, OS/2, and windows.


In order to acquire a Toshiba make your payment or money order
payable to:

Dr. John V. Jaskolski

send it to:

Dr. John V. Jaskolski
Suite #307
95 Audubon Rd.
Wakefield, MA.

The cost is as follows:

Toshiba CD-ROM drive                     $200.00
S&H                                      $ 10.00
TOTAL                                    $210.00

E-MAIL me confirming exactly what you want and in what quantity and
indicate how much money you sent in your payment.

Dr. John V. Jaskolski

P.S.  E-mail me if you have any questions.  Also, if you are at all
interested let me know now or when you try later they will almost
surely be gone.